martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Mithology of Nïlam

Every creature who inhabit the land of Nilam conceives the birth of the universe in the same way, although each of the races has its own legends and prophecies.

Primitive drawings of Yaperont (left), Hyperont (center) and Cleonide (right).

At the beginning of all time, the universe was divided into three different levels: the water world, the terrestrial world and the celestial world. On earth there was nothing, just a silence that flooded everything. Then an unexpectedly storm was originated, devastating the earth's surface, all occupied by trees and plants, and even damaging maritime funds. The storm roared so fierce that its rays attacked flora, destroying it almost completely. One of those lightnings struck a large tree that grew on the top of a cliff over the sea. The lightning caused that the roots of that great tree were separated from the ground, making it fall down the cliff and drowning at the sea. That's when the storm ended and the first sunlight ray after the disaster, was to illuminate the great tree roots sticking out of the water yet. It was then that, by the binding of water, earth and sun from the sky, emerged from the remains of the tree, the one who was known as the first traveler, Hyperont. Nobody knows for sure how he looked like. Some say that he had human appearance, others say that he was a tree, able to speak and walk.

Hyperont emerged from the sea and found the torn surface caused by the catastrophic storm. It was then that he realized that neither the flames burned him or the spines hurted him or even remain under water choked him. Hyperont was a God. The first God who walked on the earth. But it was clear that he alone could not restore the devastation. It was then that, from the the waters that had given life to him, arised others beings like him to help in that task. From what was left of the felled tree, two gods emerged: Yaperont, often depicted as a man with a fish head, and Cleonide, represented as a beautiful woman with long, bright and vermillion  hair, or simply as a star.

The three gods undertook reconstruction work but during them, something happened that would change everything. Hyperont began to feel something he didn't understand. Every time he saw Cleonide, he noticed a strange heat coming from the inside of his body. That feeling left him paralyzed. He could be standing and staring Cleonide for hours. What he didn't know was that Cleonide had begun to feel the same way towards him. It was called the "First True Love". When they decided to confess their feelings, a force made ​​them be so close to each other that at one point they didn't know where their bodies started and ended. They merged into one. From this union, there were born other gods: Etnithor, the God of the Mountain; Arudane, the Goddess of Forests; Bornedor, the God of Cold; Sakirina, the Goddess of Wind; Frubiakus, the God of Rain; Branna, the Goddess of Fire; Orkeyan, the God of the Desert, and Sumpiria, the Goddess of Beauty and Love.

 These in turn, intermarried and engendered beings who populate the earth: Etnithor married his sister Arudane, and fathered  the deers, the canines, the  felines, the bovines, the horses and the rodents. They were the first to marry and the couple that most  begat. Orkeyan married Sumpiria and begot the reptiles and the terrestrial insects. Sumpiria, who loved above everything the beauty, wasn't happy with the children Orkeyan had given her,  because she considered them repulsive and although she loved her husband with all her heart, after thousands of insects arised from her body, she promised herself never to get pregnant again. Frubiakus and Branna got married, begetting the dragons. Bornedor joined Sakirina and they begot the birds and the flying insects. The goddess of wind was jealous of her sister Branna, having inherited the bright red hair of his mother while Sakirina's hair was completely white. That is why she seduced his brother Frubiakus, the innocent husband of Branna, and they spawned the fish and all the underwater creatures. His father found Sakirina before giving birth, pregnancy that she had attributed to her husband, and Hyperont thought to punish Sakirina forcing her to abortion. But Cleonide convinced him not to do it, telling him that the beings who were going to live hadn't the fault of the sins their parents had committed. 

While his nephews populated the earth with the beings they had engendered, Yaperont was dying of jealousy because he was in love, since its creation, with his sister Cleonide. Still, he helped and educated his nephews and the children of these. Specifically, it related to Frubiakus more than any of his other nephews. They took walks along the beach and he spoke him of how beautiful the seas were. When Sakirina tried to seduce Frubiakus, first he refused, but was Yaperont who encouraged him to commit infidelity.

Secretly, Yaperont planned to poison his brother Hyperont and tried to convince his nephew Frubiakus to help him do it. One day, during dinner, Yaperont secretly gave the poison to Frubiakus, who sat next to his father, with the intention of throw it in his cup. But in the moment Hyperont was going to drink, Frubiakus  himself shouted him not to do it and confessed everything his uncle had planned. That's when Hyperont banished his brother to the depths of the sea, with the beings Sakirina and Frubiakus had engendered. Then, Yaperont hatred toward his brother grew up and wanted revenge, but didn't know how to take it.

One day, Sumpiria was taking a walk alone on the beach, full of sadness at not being able to generate beautiful beings as her brothers and sisters could. When she approached the shore, Yaperont took the opportunity to take revenge and kidnapped Sumpiria, taking her to the deep sea and forcing her, getting her pregnant. Sumpiria escaped from the underwater city his uncle had founded and returned to the Home of the Gods, telling his family what had happened. All the gods got angry and started his way to kill Yaperont. Cleonide and Sumpiria remained in the House of the Gods by the advanced pregnancy of the Goddess of Beauty. Yaperont tried to flee their family in a remote mountain but they came with armies of the beings they had fathered. That was knoen as the " First War". Yaperont was one of the top 3 gods and therefore was much stronger than his nephews, but after the attack of the armies, he was wounded. Etnithor atacked his uncle, but in a rapid movement  he escaped his nephew and, viciously attacked Etnithor's wife, Arudane, breaking his neck. She fell dead at the feet of her husband, leaving him paralyzed by  the corpse of his beloved. The rest of his nephews launched a new attack to Yaperont, leaving him almost with his last breath. But was Hyperont's decision to end the life of his treacherous brother. He proceeded to separate the head of his body with its golden ax and ordering his daughter Branna to set fire to the rests.

While the war against Yaperont was taking place, in the House of the Gods, Sumpiria went into labor. With her mother as a midwife, Sumpiria pleaded that what was going to be born was born dead or that was herself the one who died in childbirth, fearing that the beings she had inside her body were as horrible like her first two births. But were neither insects nor reptiles that came out of her, two beautiful human twins, boy and girl, the firsts humans. When Sumpiria saw their children, couldn't be happier.

When Hyperont and their children returned to the House of the Gods, were surprised by the joy of Sumpiria. Hyperont was determined to kill the human children but after seeing the smile of his beautiful daughter, he decided to let them live with the condition of leaving the earthly world once children could fend for themselves. And so, Sumpiria raised her children and taught them to live. He taught them to plant and harvest the fruits of the earth, but also taught them to hunt and fish, what made Sumpiria fell out with his brothers. When the children reached the age of 17, Hyperont kept his word. He and the rest of his family moved the House of the Gods to the celestial world, leaving their fate to humans and other creatures.

Still, from the heavens, Hyperont and the rest of gods watched what was happening on earth. Etnithor watched with disdain as humans were spreading throughout the land along the years, killing the beings that he and his late wife had engendered. But one day, as he watched, he found a human face which left him fascinated: it was exactly the same as Arudane's. Secretly, Etnithor began visiting the human, called Târil, coming down to the terrestrial world in a human form. At first,Târil, a young human dedicated to livestock, didn't pay attention to Etnithor and rejected  him again and again. But in the end, Târil realized that Etnithor was really in love with her and that the feeling was reciprocated. From their union were born the Völurs, mid-goddesses with magical abilities. Hyperont saw them as a way to be present in the earthly world and gave them the ability to communicate with the gods and entrusted them the task to ensure the good of the land. Some Völurs married humans and this way witches and wizards were born.

Thus began life as known today in the land of Nïlam. Many other beings were created throughout history, but without divine intervention. But that, is another story ...